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    Wednesday, March 21, 2007

    Latest Gadget, Your Latest Tech Gadget & Gizmo News Feed

    If you are one of the geek that keep track of all the latest tech gadget, Visit Latest Gadget and check out all the latest tech gadget news.
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    Thursday, January 11, 2007

    Digital News Extreme move to Digital Tech Gadgets Extreme

    For all Digital News Extreme, we have move to Digital tech Gadgets Extreme where we will concentrate on giving you the latest tech gadgets that is new or the one that we find it interesting or cool enough to let you know.

    Visit Our New Website here
    Digital Tech Gadgets Extreme
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    Friday, January 5, 2007

    Luxpro wins Apple copycat suit

    Luxpro, a manufacturer of mp3 players that was sued by Apple for copying it's iPod Shuffle has win the lawsuit. However, things won't end this easily; Luxpro proceeded to countersuing Apple for the sales lost due to Apple's sue.

    Luxpro who created Super Tangent won in the courtroom, after a decision from Shihlin District court claiming that the two products were "significantly dissimilar". With this win, Luxpro is suing back Apple for $100 millions for it's lost of sales for 1 year. Let's hope Apple didn't get bankrupt for this.

    Link: Engadget
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    Hitachi DeskStar 7K1000 break-through

    Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000
    Hitachi words for breaking the 1IB hard drive barrier was not just a joke. Today, Hitachi announced their new Hitachi DeskStar 7k1000 Drive that break throught that barrier. This New hard drive is estimated around $400, available in both SATA II and PATA 133 variaties. This Drive also features different speed modes, a 32MB buffer and a 7200rpm spindle speed that will hit the tech market this week.

    According to some sources, Hitachi also produced a new CinemaStar 7K1000, a DVD-centric drive that will hit the market on late January however this drive apparently suffer from "adaptive error recovery". However, Hitachi announced that this product will soon be on market and all errors will be fixed

    Link: Engadget
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    Thursday, January 4, 2007

    Digital Tech Gadgets Extreme

    Do you want to know what's going on with the latest technology gadgets? Mysterious BMW Tech Gadgets? Come visit us at Digital Tech Gadgets Extreme
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    Wednesday, January 3, 2007

    Nokia and Samsung sued by U.S. Group

    Today, The Washington Researched Foundation sued Nokia, Samsung Electronic and Matsushita-owned Panasonic for copying the pattern for wireless bluetooth technology. This is a big case for these mobile phone maker leader, but lucky for Sony Ericsson. In early of 1990, Jaap Haarsten( Swedish Ericsson's Engineer) has been credited with the invention of Bluetooth during his research on Bluetooth technology.

    According to The Washington Researched Foundation,"Defendants have manufactured, used, imported into the United States, sold and offered for sale devices which, or the use of which, infringes at least the '963' patent" and that was a serious matter. The Washington Researched Foundation has filled a report of complaint at the United States Western District Court of Washington State at Seattle.

    Samsung Bluetooth

    Nokia and Samsung declined to comment about the case. But for sure The Washington Researched Foundation has enough proofs to sue Nokia,Samsung and Panasonic. Let's see how Nokia,Samsung and Panasonic battle The Washington Researched Foundation.

    Source: TechWeb
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    Tuesday, January 2, 2007

    It's fixing time

    Today Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom.Co announced that two repair ship has dispatch from Taiwan and will start fixing undersea cables damage that was caused by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that destroy some of the major undersea cables that result in a major disruption to telephone and internet links in Asia. Chunghwa Telecom.Co announced that the repair time will take approximately 2 - 3 weeks time. Chunghwa Telecom.Co also added that two more ships will join in later. Chunghwa Telecom.Co official, Chan Tze-yee confidence that by the end of January or early February, all major cables serving in Hong Kong and other countries in Asia region should be fully recovered. He estimated that the repair cost is about 50 Million new Taiwan dollars (around US$1.5 million)

    Source: AP
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